The Photomicrograph showing the morphology of venom apparatus of Androctonus amoreuxi (60×). (b) Scanning electron micrograph showing the overall lateral view of the telson of Androctonus amoreuxi.

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Buy Androctonus Amoreuxi Venom Online – Reptile Venom Shop. Androctonus Amoreuxi Scorpion Venom for sale. we have characterized the immunological and pharmacological properties of the three major alpha-type toxins from the scorpion Androctonus amoreuxi, AamH1, AamH2 and AamH3, which were previously described as putative toxins from cDNAs [Chen, T. et al., 2003. Regul. Buy Androctonus Amoreuxi Venom Online.


Pept. 115, 115-121]. The immunological tests (ELISA, RIA) have demonstrated that AamH1, AamH2 and AamH3 belong to the immunological groups 3 and 4 of alpha-type toxins. Analysis of the three toxin effects on currents through rat brain (rNav1.2), rat muscle (rNav1.4) and Drosophila (DmNav1) sodium channels expressed in Xenopus oocytes revealed that AamH1 and AamH2, but not AamH3, have anti-insect and anti-mammal activities and can be classified as alpha-like toxins. Buy Androctonus Amoreuxi Venom Online.

While AamH1 removes fast inactivation only in neuronal rNav1.2 channel and has no effect on muscular rNav1.4 channel, AamH2 affects both neuronal rNav1.2 and muscular rNav1.4 channels. AamH3 was lethal to mice by intracerebroventricular injection despite its lack of activity on the neuronal rNav1.2 channel. Buy Androctonus Amoreuxi Venom Online.

Finally, we have shown that the A. amoreuxi venom was better neutralized by the antiserum raised against the venom of Buthus occitanus tunetanus than by the antisera raised against scorpion venoms from the same genus Androctonus. Buy Androctonus Amoreuxi Venom Online.


Scorpion Venom Function:

1. Neurogrowth hormone: It has broad application prospects in nerve molecules, molecular immunity, molecular evolution, protein structure and function. Buy Androctonus Amoreuxi Venom Online – Reptile Venom Shop

2. Thrombolytic factor: It has the effect of preventing thrombosis and dissolution of thrombus, and it has certain therapeutic effect on coronary heart disease and myocardial infarction caused by various embolism. Buy Androctonus Amoreuxi Venom Online.

3. Vascular Polypeptide: This can effectively soften the blood vessels and remove the inner wall of the blood vessels and fixtures. Effective prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease, heart failure, myocardial infarction, arteriosclerosis, senile dementia. Buy Androctonus Amoreuxi Venom Online.

4. Anticancer Polypeptide: Anticancer peptides can effectively kill cancer cells. The Active Ingredient, you can also visit our SHOP for more venoms and prices. Buy Androctonus Amoreuxi Venom Online.


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Androctonus Amoreuxi scorpion Venom in numbers

Venom toxicity: the venom of stage 5 is very toxic, the venom contains between 9.18 ± 0.13 as a total of protein contents (mg/ml).



Amazing Medicinal uses of Androctonus Amoreuxi Scorpion Venom

1- Neurogrowth hormone

The Androctonus Amoreuxi Venom has a wide range of use in molecular evolution, molecular immunity, nerve molecules, and protein structure.

2- Thrombolytic factor

The Venom of Androctonus Amoreuxi has the prevention influence of thrombosis and the dissolution of thrombus,

Also, it has a proven curative influence on myocardial infarction caused by various coronary heart disease, and, embolism.

3- Anticancer Polypeptide

Anti-cancer peptides of the Androctonus Amoreuxi venom can be effective to kill the cancer cells.

4- Vascular Polypeptide.

Androctonus Amoreuxi venom could be effective to soften the blood vessels, in removing the internal wall of the blood vessels and its fixtures, also Myocardial infarction, heart failure, treatment of coronary heart arteriosclerosis, disease, effective prevention, and senile dementia.


Whats is the fat tail scorpion scientific name l Androctonus Bicolor common name?

its the Fattail scorpion / thick-tailed scorpion / Black fat tailed Scorpions nickname is “man killer” or “man-killer”.

It is a scorpion species, derived from the Buthidae family which is the largest scorpion’s family. Its color is black and its maximum length is 9 cm.

Gender recognized: the Androctonus Bicolor sex can be known by its teeth’ number, starting from the early ages of growing,

According to authoritative sources, the number of males’ teeth is between 26:28, but in females between 20-24.

It has a very hefty physique, and it moves very fast, with aggressive nature, Black fat tailed scorpions average age almost is 5 years.

Black fat tailed scorpions are nocturnal, thus they hide during the day in crevices.

Androctonus is widespread in Africa especially in Egypt, It is found in arid or semi-arid or as well as desert areas.

Black fat tailed Scorpions has eight legs so it’s classified as arachnids, these Scorpions Preys on lizards, insects, spiders, mice or even other scorpions, but it could fasting months without food.

By Black fat tailed Scorpions’ pincers, it preys and crushed, while it used their telsons to inject their prey by its black fat tailed scorpion venom or the Black scorpion poison.


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